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Tips for completing your profile:

  • Be as open, honest and specific as possible
  • Do not have a parent/guardian complete the profile
  • Complete the entire profile
  • Take time to really think about the question and your lifestyle preferences




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When do you usually go to bed?

What is your expected academic/social balance?

How do you deal with anger or things that upset you?

How often do you typically clean?

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If I have a problem I prefer it’s communicated to me:

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What is your level of comfort with noise in your room?

How close would you like your relationships to be with your roommates?

Management does not guarantee roommate compatibility but will make our best efforts to match roommates with similar interests and living habits. Strong roommate relationships are built on trust and a commitment to ongoing communication.

Consistent with our mission and values and in the accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Act, we will not make assignments based upon race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability.

We have limited space available for the September 2020 school year!

We encourage you to schedule a tour and talk about if Ebbis Hall is the right fit for you during your studies.

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